About Us

Results-Driven Marketing

Nimbletoad is a results-driven digital marketing agency specializing in Web Design, SEO, and PPC. We build and optimize marketing-driven websites so your team can get back to work doing what you do best.

Let's face it.  Unless you are a marketing company, nobody decided to go into business to spend their days generating leads and fiddling with website copy. 

For most of us, the thought of maximizing keywords and boosting search engine rankings isn't what gets us out of bed in the morning.  Well, that's where we come in.  We live to build functional websites that get our customers noticed and generate leads.  When our founder, Drew Hendricks, started this company back in 2008 he was dissatisfied with the state of most of the websites.  As he saw it, "most websites are toads, our goal is to make them nimble."


Because working on your own website is hard

Our Mission - To help our clients thrive in their market by making them stand out and connecting them with ideal clients.

Our Vision - An online experience where clients and users alike leave with the feeling that it just got easier.

Our Goal - For companies to stand out and connect with ideal clients.

Our Core Values

Do the Right Thing: We act with honesty and integrity. There is no alternative.

Be Helpful: We share knowledge. If you know the best way to do something, you will do good work. If you share that knowledge with others, you will become a leader.

Move Fast: We tackle challenges without delay. We believe that it’s better to move fast and make mistakes than to move slowly and miss opportunities.

Embrace Change: We seek out and embrace transformation. If we are not continuously changing, evolving, and improving, then we are falling behind.

Never Stop Learning: Our quest for knowledge is is driven by relentless curiosity. We seek to improve and innovate continually. 

Give Joy: Be grateful, positive, and convivial. Make people feel good.


Just like a gym program - the process is easy... It's sticking with it that's hard.
Luckily, That's where we come in.

  • Look

    Get a complete view of your online presence.

  • Identify

    We help you create a picture of your ideal customer

  • Plan

    Create a plan to connect you with these customers.

  • Build

    Build this plan. It could be a simple landing page refresh or a complete online overhaul.

  • Refocus

    Do more of what's working.

  • Repeat

    The web is always changing. You must too.


Nimbletoad was founded and is led by Drew Hendricks


After graduating with a degree in Philosophy and Ancient Greek, Drew Hendricks spent 10 years as a wine buyer for one of the largest wine stores in San Francisco.  During this time, he launched one of the first wine auction sites to help sell his customer's wine collections.  After obtaining an MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance, he founded a web development company to help smaller independent wine stores compete online with the larger chain stores. In 2008, seeing a larger market beyond the wine industry, Drew founded Nimbletoad with the goal of empowering companies to do business online.  Today, Nimbletoad helps its loyal client base to develop and maintain websites that allow them to stand out from their competitors.

Drew is an avid photographer whose images have won many awards.  In fact, all of the images on this site were taken by him.

When he is not coding or helping Nimbletoad's clients stand out and get noticed you'll find him surfing, hiking in the mountains, or fishing off the coast for yellowtail.

He lives in Vista, located at the northern tip of San Diego, with his wife Brooke and their three dogs Nora, Oliver and Fin.