Website Design and Development

What does your brand look like online? Your website is the pillar that supports all online marketing activities and sales. That's why it's crucial for you to invest in a website and have it built to perfection. It needs to hit the 3 major components of a website: Design, User Experience and Optimized for Search Engines. Your website needs to be visually engaging, easy to find, and properly structured so that search engines can easily crawl, index, and rank your website.

The goal for all of our website design projects is to infuse your website with a vibe and personality that matches your company's mission and vision for the ideal customer experience.

The Components of a Winning Web Design Strategy

SEO Friendly

Our websites are built to be easily discovered, crawled, and accurately indexed by search engines. Whether we build your site from scratch, or customize an existing template, upon launch every web page on your site will follow SEO best practices for page titles, headers, web page structure, meta descriptions, and alt text.  High-value pages can be enhanced with featured snippets such as a FAQ sections, and lists to further increase search engine visibility.

Responsive Design

Your website needs to be compatible with devices of all shapes and sizes. All of our websites are responsive, meaning your website will look amazing on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Looking great is just the start. Sites that we have launched incorporating our responsive web design principles show increased mobile traffic, faster page load times, longer dwell time, and increased conversion rates.

Content Management

We build our custom websites on the WordPress CMS, the most user- friendly content management system on the planet. Making changes and adding new content to your website has never been easier.  Upon launch, we will provide customized recorded training on how to updates the site and create new content. You can refer back to these personalized tutorials whenever you need a refresher or a new staff member comes aboard.

Our Website Development Process

Agile Web Development

Our website design and development process is designed to get your new website online quickly and efficiently while never sacrificing attention to detail and creative design. Years of developing and maintaining websites have proven that all web projects naturally evolve from the outset. Most development shops incorrectly attempt to correct this tendency through rigid development plans and scopes of work. We feel this is a mistake. Instead, we embrace a project's evolutionary fluidness through agile development.

In contrast to the traditional way of building websites, often referred to as waterfall development, we bring our customers into the process quickly and maintain continuous involvement throughout the build.  Based on continual feedback, we are able allow the project to iterate and evolve far beyond what is possible through the traditional plan-build-getfeedback-launch approach.

Web Design and Development
Frequently Asked Questions


We choose our clients carefully. You should choose your development company with equal care.

So, how do you know if Nimbletoad is the correct Web Development firm for you?

Choosing a web design firm is a lot like hiring an engineer, or selecting a mechanic for your car. While a civil engineer could certainly sludge his way through an electrical wiring project, you would be better off hiring an expert in wiring. And, while you might let your buddy take a stab at adjusting your BMW's fuel injection, you would probably feel more confident going to a specialist.

Much like an auto mechanic who advertises “... all makes and models - foreign and domestic” there are web design shops that will try to tackle any project. We think this is a mistake. For every project that flies effortlessly through the shop, there are usually two that the web designers have to muck their way through because the sites are not a good fit. Instead, we recommend going to a web design specialist that best meshes with the goals of your site. Some shops specialize in fancy design sequences and animation. Others focus on complex integrations with legacy systems. At Nimbletoad, functionality drives our web design.

To those clients looking for functional, application-driven websites powering an exceptional user experience, Nimbletoad is a great fit.