Showcasing AI-powered and on-demand workouts through engaging experience

Strategy, Design, Web

Aaptiv® was founded in 2016 to make personalized fitness instruction available to everyone, not just the few who can afford their own trainer. To achieve this goal, Aaptiv® created a new way to work out - using audio-based training to guide you every step of the way.

Today, Aaptiv® is one of the most popular audio and video-based fitness apps on the market with over 13 million downloads and more than 50,000 five-star reviews.


Aaptiv® is offering a program that uses AI technology to augment training for Medicare beneficiaries, employers, as well as public sector, and needed to present this offering in a way that would set it apart from the competition.


The goal is not only to create an immersive micro-site that showcases their AI-powered workouts but also helps them increase the number of app downloads in the App Store and Google Play.


Nimbletoad has managed to create a website that strikes the ideal balance between being user-friendly and content-heavy website.

John Doe / President - Aaptiv

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