The Top 9 Reasons You Should Consider a Website Redesign

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First impressions are a big deal, and these days your website is the first thing consumers see of your business. But, if your website is outdated and underperforming, you could be making a lasting and unfortunately negative first impression.

Many people tend to want to hold on to things longer than necessary simply because they still work, but you must regularly update it to keep your visitors happy when they come to your website. While the thought of spending valuable budget money may make you nervous, there are many reasons why a website redesign is essential to you and your company’s success.

But don’t just take our word for it! We compiled nine key reasons why you should consider letting our website redesign agency help you take your website to the next level. Our goal is to make sure you never have to search “top website designer near me” ever again!

If you’re on the fence about updating your website, these top 9 reasons might help you finally take the plunge. Don’t let a negative first impression ruin potential leads for you ever again!

Reason One: Create a Better User Experience

User experience (UX) is a vital component of your company’s success because it plays into how your customer navigates and interacts with each web page’s different features. If your site is confusing to navigate, has slow loading times, or is too complicated, it can leave a poor impression, and if they have a negative UX, they most likely will never come back to your site.

Reason Two: Your Site Doesn’t Work or Misleads

A website that’s impossible to use takes forever to load, misdirects, or has broken links, which is one that people won’t want to use. There are many different website function levels, but the more broken it is, the less useful it will be for each visitor.

Reason Three: Users Can’t Access Your Site on Mobile Devices

Over half of all website traffic worldwide is performed on mobile phones, so if your site doesn’t function well on phones, you’re missing out big time. If you aren’t sure how your site works on a mobile device, do a little research on your phone!

Reason Four: Your Website Doesn’t Match Your Marketing Goals

All successful companies grow and evolve, but if your website doesn’t match your marketing strategy, it can leave customers confused and frustrated. It can be a lot to keep up with, but regular monitoring of these factors can lead to more fruitful traffic.

Reason Five: The Buyer’s Journey Doesn’t End With You

Generally, customers shop around and look at different sites and compare things side by side before deciding who to purchase from, also known as completing the buyer’s journey. Your website should function as a sales associate who entices the buyer to shop with you, but if it doesn’t, it isn’t doing its job correctly.

Reason Six: Your Brand is Outdated

When was the last time you took a good long look at your brand and how it represents your business? If you rebrand your business, you need to keep your branding consistent across all channels, especially your website. Trends change regularly, so you must keep your website updated too.

Reason Seven: You Want to Generate More Leads and Conversions

If you feel like your website looks fine and seems to gain enough traffic, the next step is reaching new audiences and converting more customers. When you take a look at your landing pages, calls to action (CTAs), and conversion paths to see where you could use a boost and entice people down the sales funnel

Reason Eight: Your Competitors Are Doing Something Different

In any industry, you must keep up with your direct and local competition, but this doesn’t mean you need to change your website every time your competitor does. But, as search engines like Google update their algorithms, every site can change ranking. If you drop in ranking and fall below the top ten results, your leads could drop significantly. Keeping your site up to date and monitoring changes in ranking strategies can make sure you rank as high as possible, all the time.

Reason Nine: You Have a High Bounce Rate

If you’ve been looking at your data and noticed a high bounce rate, it can be frustrating. It means that you’re getting people to click through to your site, but they leave as soon as they arrive. The bounce rate indicates that they didn’t navigate to any of your other pages, and it can hurt your ranking.

What Does Website Redesign Entail?

There are many different levels of the website redesign process, but if your business needs a complete overhaul, there may need to be extensive work done to the background coding and the customer-facing aspects to make sure everything performs optimally. Figuring out how to redesign a website starts with a redesign strategy developed by a professional website redesign company:

Step One:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly: We will make sure your website easily ranks higher on SERPs (search engine results pages). Whether we work off an existing template or build something from scratch, the results will speak for themselves.

Step Two:

Responsive Design: A useful website is available across all devices, especially mobile phones. Since about half of the world’s web traffic is through a mobile phone, it’s crucial that your customers can easily access your site from anywhere.

Step Three:

Content Management: Once we’ve worked with you to create the perfect website, we will then provide you with customized recorded training that you can refer back to whenever you need a refresher on how things work.

Where to Start

Identifying if you need to redesign your website can be a humbling experience. If left unmonitored, your site can quickly get outdated and stop working for you as it should.

Are you ready to contact our professionals to see if a website redesign is the best move for your business? Request a phone consultation to go over your site, answer all of your questions, and let us help you decide if your site should be redesigned.

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