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Nimbletoad is a full-service digital marketing agency based in North County San Diego that specializes in law firm website design, SEO, and PPC. Founded in 2008, Nimbletoad’s results-driven marketing strategies enable legal practices to compete at the highest level regionally and nationally.

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How to Use Google Analytics to Boost Your Law Firm’s Marketing Impact

June 1, 2020

If you’re not tracking your marketing efforts then you’re throwing money away, it’s as simple as that. How will you know what is working if you don’t track your conversions? Many businesses make this grave error and then wonder why they are running through their marketing budget but have nothing to show for it. Marketing […]

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Do you run a solo law practice or are part of a small law firm that lacks the resources to hire a full-service digital agency such as Nimbletoad?  Our free law firm marketing resource guides are perfect for Lawyers who have a DIY mindset and want to ramp up their business.

Use these guides and helpful resources to set up and optimize your own marketing campaigns.  And when you find success please let us know. We love to hear how our work has made a positive impact.

Need a little help? We can Do-It-With-You. Tackle as much or as little of your website design and marketing as you feel comfortable handling.  Hire us to do the rest.  Or schedule a training session and we can teach you and your team how to accomplish your goals.  You'll leave the training session empowered with news skills and a recorded video that you can refer back to anytime to refresh your memory.

For those that want to concentrate on law, Nimbletoad will Do-It-For-You.   Many of these guides outline best practices for customer relations and business management such as how to master the phone intake when a prospective client calls.  Use this resource section to enhance your business and book a strategy session with us where we can develop a comprehensive done for you marketing plan to achieve your revenue goals.

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SEO for Lawyers The Ultimate Guide
SEO for Lawyers The Ultimate Guide
  • Over 120 pages of actionable information
  • Updated with the latest best practices for SEO in 2020

How to Properly Segment and Nurture Your Law Firm Leads – From Contact to Client

May 26, 2020
Law Firm Lead Segmentation

In this article, we’ll be talking about how to properly automate the process of segmenting your firm’s leads. Law firms often have a wide variety of client needs that they have to address, and this can sometimes make managing your marketing funnels challenging. Thankfully, there’s technology in place that can help. First though, let’s talk […]

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How to Create a Successful Law Firm Marketing Funnel

May 18, 2020
Law firm Lead Generation

Introduction Any law firm that wants to grow its client base has to promote. And while the truth of the situation is simple, the implementation can get a little tricky. Back in the day, law firms could operate on reputation and referrals alone. However, with an increased number of competitors in the space, law firms […]

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SEO for Lawyers: Why and How to Implement a Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Your Law Firm

May 14, 2020
Law Firm SEO

Introduction In this day and age, a law firm can’t generate revenue just by employing capable attorneys. The number of cases is increasing every day, and new firms are constantly popping up. When a potential client starts looking for a lawyer for a particular problem, they’re faced with thousands of potential choices. However, they no […]

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The Importance of Managing Your Law Firm’s Online Reputation

May 13, 2020
Online Reputation

When you’re a lawyer, your online reputation is as important as your real-world reputation. The way clients seek out lawyers has changed. Today, they no longer rely on newspapers and recommendations. Instead, your clients first turn to Google. Due to the change in client behavior, and all the advancements that web search has experienced in […]

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Conversational Marketing for Lawyers – Engage and Retain More Clients

May 13, 2020
Conversational Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Marketing for Law Firms Today is a world where you can find a highly-rated local restaurant from Siri, order your food through an automated customer service app, and have a conversation and find out where your order is based on what a chatty AI bot has told you. Aside from […]

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The Top 5 Family Law Marketing Strategies of Successful Law Firms – A 5 Part Series

May 10, 2020
Family Law Marketing

In this guide, we’re going to show you the most important family law marketing strategies. From paid advertising to free methods, read on to find out how to acquire more satisfied clients. These days, people to turn to the internet for everything. Family law included. Sometimes it’s to understand complicated legal processes. And in a […]

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Search Engine Optimization – Part 1 of the Top 5 Family Law Marketing Strategies

May 10, 2020
Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization for Family Law Firms In this section, you’ll learn how to: Find the right keywords and topics Create amazing content that converts lurkers into clients Optimize your website to rank highly in the search engines Appear in local searches and maximize your conversion rate Attract backlinks that help you reach the top […]

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Pay-Per-Click – Part 2 of the Top 5 Family Law Marketing Strategies

May 10, 2020
Pay Per Click Family Law

Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Family Law Marketing In this section, you’ll learn how to: Use Google Ads to acquire clients immediately Set up the right keywords and targeting for your ads Craft compelling ad copy using best practices Create landing pages that convert Reach potential clients who didn’t schedule a consultation What Is Google PPC? […]

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Email – Part 3 of the Top 5 Family Law Marketing Strategies

May 10, 2020
Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Family Law Firms In this section, you’ll learn how to: Turn potential clients into paying clients with email marketing Capture email addresses Segment email lists to acquire even more clients Set up drip campaigns Use the right tools Why Email Works for Family Law Marketing When done right, the average ROI of […]

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Social Media – Part 4 of the Top 5 Family Law Marketing Strategies

May 10, 2020
Law firm social media

Is Social Media a Viable Family Law Marketing Strategy? In this section, you’ll learn how to: Use social media as a family law firm Communicate with your (potential) clients through social networks Get more clients by combining Google ads with Facebook ads People don’t normally use Facebook to find a divorce lawyer. However, social media […]

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Phone Intake – Part 5 of the Top 5 Family Law Marketing Strategies

May 10, 2020
Family Law Marketing Phone Intake

The Golden Rules of Phone Intake In this section, you’ll learn how to: Win over clients by phone Avoid common mistakes costing you clients Improve your law firm’s customer relationship management practices Why Phone Intake Matters Plenty of law firms do everything right. They select the right keywords, optimize their advertising campaigns, publish incredibly valuable […]

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