Can Your Brand Trust AI for Content Marketing?

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Troika Gellido

You may not realize it yet, but AI has long been present in your content marketing efforts and online strategies.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the content marketing landscape. By automating tedious tasks, AI can help content marketers focus on higher-level strategic work. In addition, AI-powered tools can help brands personalize content and improve the customer experience.

AI is nearly present in everything you do — from improving grammar, conceptualizing content topics, and even being more responsive across multiple channels. It can be used in many more ways, not only to help you in your content marketing efforts but also to visualize its success.

Explore the benefits of AI for content marketing and why your brand should trust AI to power up your content strategy.

Should You Trust AI for Content Marketing?

Content creation goes a long way when done right. Trusting AI for content can be beneficial for your digital marketing efforts in several ways. While there are brand owners who haven’t yet adopted AI for their content creation strategies, AI tools everywhere have helped them reach and engage their market at some point.

Let’s analyze eight reasons why marketers should give AI content marketing a go.

AI Can Help Automate Tedious Tasks

One of the most common use cases for AI in marketing is automating monotonous tasks. By leveraging AI, marketers can free up time to focus on more strategic tasks.

benefits of ai for content marketing
With AI, marketers can free up time to focus on more important tasks

For example, AI helps with social media scheduling, email marketing, and content distribution tasks. Several AI-powered tools on the market can help with these tasks for brands to choose from.

In addition, AI frees up time for content marketers to focus on higher-level strategic work such as content ideation, audience research and storyboarding.

AI Can Help Personalize Content

Another benefit of AI for content marketing is its ability to personalize content. AI-powered tools can help brands segment their audiences and deliver personalized content at scale.

Personalized content is more relevant and engaging for customers, leading to better conversions and ROI. Consumers prefer to make purchases from company brands that offer personalized experiences.

AI Can Improve the Customer Experience

By delivering personalized content, AI can also help improve the customer experience. In addition, AI can be used to develop chatbots and other digital assistants that can interact with customers on behalf of brands.

Digital assistants powered by AI can provide quick and convenient customer support, which can improve customer satisfaction and retention. A study performed by Oracle found that 80 percent of consumers will choose a company based on how great its customer service is.

AI Can Help Generate Insights

In addition to helping automate daily tasks and personalize content, apps run by AI can also help brands generate insights about their customers. AI-powered tools can analyze customer data to help brands understand their needs and preferences. It’s designed to be more accurate and faster since everything runs purely on data.

AI-powered tools can reflect and analyze customer data faster and more accurately.

The insights observed can be used to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and make them more relevant to customers. In addition, AI can help brands identify new opportunities for growth and expansion.

AI Is Evolving Rapidly

AI technology is evolving rapidly and becoming more sophisticated every day. As Artificial Intelligence technology advances, it will become more accurate and reliable. It will help ease concerns about its accuracy and impact on jobs.

In addition, the advancement of AI will enable brands to do more with less. For example, Artificial Intelligence can help brands automate repetitive tasks, personalize content, and generate insights – all with a smaller team.

AI Is Everywhere…In Fact, You May Be Using It Already

There’s no way about it: you’re most likely using AI technology in your day-to-day life. It’s ubiquitous across all industries. In product or service development, it’s 21% of the market. In tech and telecom industries? That goes up to 37%.

Now is the most incredible time for brands to start experimenting with AI and incorporating it into their content marketing campaigns. It will help them stay ahead of the curve and better meet the needs of their customers.

AI Is Easy To Use

One major misconception about AI is that it’s difficult to use. However, it isn’t the case. Many AI-powered tools on the market are easy to use and don’t require a lot of technical expertise.

In addition, many AI-powered tools come with built-in tutorials and support. It makes it easy for brands to get started with AI and incorporate it into their content marketing campaigns.

benefits of ai for content marketing

Streamline Content Curation With AI

Artificial intelligence can help brands streamline content curation by automating the process. AI-powered tools can identify relevant content from a variety of sources and deliver it to brands in real-time.

This helps brands save time and effort that would otherwise get spent manually searching for relevant content. In addition, it ensures that brands always have the latest and most relevant content to share with their audience.

In addition to helping streamline content curation, AI can help brands develop better content. AI-powered tools can analyze customer data to identify trends and insights. The information can help build more relevant and engaging content that resonates with customers.

The Bottom Line

By automating tasks, personalizing content, and generating insights, AI can help brands improve the effectiveness of their content marketing campaigns.

Benefits of AI in Content Marketing

There are many benefits of incorporating artificial intelligence into content marketing. Here are some of the key benefits.

Competitive Advantage

Incorporating AI into content marketing can give brands a competitive advantage. By automating tasks, personalizing content, and generating insights, AI can help brands save time and resources. It lets them focus on other aspects of their business and stay ahead of their competitors.

According to MIT Management, Artificial Intelligence is the technology of today. It enhances design, development, and manufacturing. While AI cannot create things like drone designs or even an iPhone, it can automate processes to speed up production.

Engineers at Siemens can provide design and cost parameters and use AI software to generate options in less time than a human. In some cases, the results are so good that the options are indistinguishable from human-generated ones.

Improved Customer Service

Artificial intelligence can help improve customer service by providing customers with the information they need when they need it. AI-powered tools can provide customer support 24/7, which can help improve customer satisfaction. It helps justify the use of AI in customer service.

In addition, AI can help brands resolve customer issues faster and more efficiently while helping improve customer retention and loyalty.

The better the customer service, the more customer engagement will increase. Using AI in customer service will also help identify loyal customers and potential advocates.

Keeping up with the inflow of online and in-person customers can be difficult for brands. With AI, businesses can keep up with the demand and ensure that each customer gets what they need from the interaction.

One study proved that AI-enabled customer service increased relationship commitment and customer satisfaction. In the study, participants with an AI-enabled customer service interaction were more likely to be satisfied and committed to the relationship than those who did not.

Increased Revenue

AI can help brands increase revenue by improving the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. In addition, AI-powered tools can help brands identify new opportunities for growth and expansion. It can lead to more customers and sales.

Studies show that companies that have adopted the use of AI to facilitate their marketing efforts have seen an increase in performance gains, specifically in finances. Things like profitability, ROI, and even employee satisfaction have all increased in these companies.

All these things happen due to AI facilitating marketing, customer service, and overall customer segmentation and engagement.

In short, organizations can use the data collected from their customers to better understand them and market to them in a more relatable way. Doing so can lead to an increase in revenue as well as customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Improved Efficiency

AI helps improve efficiency by automating tasks and processes. It can free up time for employees to focus on more critical tasks. In addition, it can help improve the accuracy of the information and reduce the chances of human error.

There is no better example of improved efficiency than a hospital. A hospital is a place where there are many moving parts and people. AI can help automate tasks and processes in a hospital so that the staff can focus on patient care.

In addition, AI improves the accuracy of information. For example, if a patient record enters the system, the AI can cross-check them for errors. Which helps reduce the chances of human error and improve the accuracy of the information.

Let’s not forget that AI removes bias from processes. Bias can exist in both humans and data. AI can help to remove bias from processes by using algorithms to make decisions. 

For example, AI predicts health trajectories more accurately than humans. Not to mention, the AI response is immediate, giving health personnel more time to save lives.

In short, AI can help to improve efficiency by automating tasks and processes, improving the accuracy of the information, and removing bias from decision-making. Take rule-based expert systems, for instance. They help to automate tasks that humans would otherwise do. 

The electronic health record is an excellent example of AI in the 80s. The system stores patient health information and makes it accessible to authorized personnel. Once the rules are established, the system can run independently with little human intervention.

It takes the guesswork out of urgent health situations to help doctors and nurses close the time gap in caring for patients faster and more accurately. The main goal of any healthcare center is to increase positive patient outcomes.

Better Content Quality

AI-powered content marketing tools can help brands increase their content output. AI can assist in tasks, such as content curation and development. In addition, AI can help generate new ideas for content. This allows brands to produce more relevant and engaging content.

Not to mention, AI helps improve content quality because it generates insights and identifies trends. The information can assist in developing better content that resonates with customers. Business owners can use AI to create video content, blog posts, social media posts, and even infographics.

How is this possible? Machine learning is how. It’s a subset of AI that is constantly learning and improving on its own. As it processes more data, it gets better at generating insights and identifying trends.

In short, AI can help brands increase their content output by generating new ideas and improving the quality of content.

When it comes down to content output with AI, there are no limits. Brands can produce as much content as they want and can do so quickly and easily.

The benefits of using AI in content marketing are limitless. You are missing an opportunity if you are not using AI in your content marketing campaigns. By leaving leads, money, and brand-building data on the table.

Samples of Successful Content Marketing Using AI

Here are several examples of how AI can be used in content marketing.

Chase and Persado

Chase partnered with Persado to use AI in its content marketing campaigns. Persado is a platform that uses AI to generate personalized content. The platform analyzes customer data to identify the emotions that trigger a response. It then creates custom content designed to elicit customers’ desired responses.

The results were impressive. Chase saw a lift in conversion rates of over 200 percent. They also saw an increase in click-through rates and engagement. What they achieved was more humanity in their marketing which led to better customer relationships.

Burger King and IBM Watson

Burger King partnered with IBM Watson to create a virtual assistant named TOP to enhance and streamline processes within human resources and strengthen employee relationships. The app’s design has the purpose of assisting employees with tasks such as ordering supplies, scheduling shift changes, and finding contact information.

The app was well-received by employees and lets them submit vacation requests, documents, and other human-resource-related correspondence via text message. 

TOP manages 50 percent of employee requests giving the team more time to focus on other tasks. It helped improve efficiency and communication within the company. In addition, it helped Burger King save time and money.

Sephora and Chatbots

Chatbots are another form of AI experiencing exponential growth. Many brands are using chatbots to improve customer service and increase sales.

Sephora, a leading beauty retailer, uses chatbots to help customers find the right products. The Sephora Virtual Assistant, powered by AI, provides recommendations based on skin type, tone, and concern. Customers can also use the chatbot to book appointments, find stores, and check order status.

The chatbot has helped Sephora improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, it has helped the company increase sales and grow its customer base.

These are just a few examples of how AI gets utilized in content marketing. As you can see, AI is useful in many different ways to improve content marketing campaigns. AI gives your brand the space to focus on the things that take the business to the next level instead of struggling to maintain daily operations.

Key Points

AI is an ally you can trust for your content marketing needs. It can help you automate repetitive tasks, generate new ideas, and improve the quality of content. 

AI can only make your content marketing efforts more human while streamlining processes. And improving customer relationships, ROI, and conversions will only help the business achieve its goals.

Wrapping Up

AI is changing the content marketing landscape. It is helping brands produce data that helps them generate new ideas, improve the quality of content, and manage daily tasks. Now that you know all the extraordinary benefits of using AI in content marketing, it is time to put it to work for your brand.