Social Media – Part 4 of the Top 5 Family Law Marketing Strategies

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Is Social Media a Viable Family Law Marketing Strategy?

In this section, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use a social media site as a family law firm
  • Communicate with your (potential) clients through a social media platform
  • Get more clients by combining Google ads with Facebook ads

People don’t normally use Facebook or Twitter to find a divorce lawyer. However, social media is still one of the top family law marketing strategies.

If you do it right.

Providing Social Proof with Social Media

Don’t expect to reach new clients directly through major social media platforms. However, you could reach them indirectly.

When your potential clients see your ads or your materials somewhere else, they’ll likely look you up on websites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

What they see there is crucial to acquisition.


Social media is the perfect place to promote your client testimonials. Some of the most successful family law firms use video to show how satisfied their clients are.

People love hearing from other clients like them. And social media is the perfect place to show your followers how much your clients trust you.


The way you communicate with your clients also goes a long way towards convincing potential clients to hire you.

Be professional, but don’t be afraid to show a little personality.

People often think attorneys are unapproachable. And when it comes to family law, people hire attorneys who can empathize with them and fight for their best interest.

Demonstrate expertise

Share your blog content, case studies, and information about awards to your social media profiles.

Make sure you respond to questions in a friendly, approachable manner as soon as possible.

Engaging FAQ content

Finally, social media is really one of the best places to use video.

But in addition to testimonials, you can also post explainer videos in which you respond to frequently asked questions.

Video FAQ content also emphasizes the personality of your attorneys, and gives your potential clients “a taste” of what it will be like to work with your firm.

They’ll immediately feel as though they personally know you. Consequently, they’ll be more likely to hire you.

Retargeting through Social Media

Retargeting is the best way to use social media for your family law firm. If prospects have visited your landing page or a blog post, but didn’t convert (even if you set up your Google Ads right), you can reach them again.

And this time, you can do it in their natural habitat: social media.

Google and Facebook

You should integrate Google Pixel and Facebook Pixel. When you enable them to exchange information, you can reach reluctant clients as they scroll down their feeds.

There are many reasons why potential clients leave your landing page, and procrastinating the decision is certainly one of them. Sometimes they’re simply distracted.

However, a retargeting ad mentioning your law firm and the problem statement (which should mimic their original search query) will jog their memory and convince them to follow through with scheduling a consultation.

Leveraging the power of video

You can create a regular, text and/or photo ad. However, video marketing efforts are more convincing, even if they are short videos.

You can combine footage of your attorneys talking about the cases they’ve won with testimonials from satisfied clients and post it to YouTube or another social platform.

Reaching new audiences

Finally, if you make Google and Facebook work together, you’ll be able to find more people like your best clients.

With Facebook’s lookalike audiences, Facebook will monitor prospects that have converted after clicking on your FB ad. Social media ads allow your firm to express its personality more than the rigid structure of google search ads as these examples illustrate.

Then, it will scour the platform in search of more people just like them, delivering you high-quality leads.

These social media marketing tips have the potential to indirectly convert a social media user into a lead. By using a social networking site with an effective social media strategy, marketers can develop a better sense of brand loyalty and connect with their target audience.

If you’re interested in developing a social media marketing strategy for your family law firm to further reach your target audience, call today and we can help grow your social media account and create brand awareness for your firm.

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