The Top 5 Family Law Marketing Strategies of Successful Law Firms – A 5 Part Series

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In this guide, we’re going to show you the most important family law marketing strategies. From paid advertising to free methods, read on to find out how to acquire more satisfied clients.

These days, people turn to the internet for everything. Family law included.

Sometimes it’s to understand complicated legal processes. And in a growing amount of cases, your potential clients use the internet to find a family law attorney they can trust.

You and your law firm can’t avoid digital marketing if you want to attract new clients. Here’s what you can learn from each part of the family law firm’s marketing strategy.

Table of Contents

Search Engine Optimization for Family Law Marketing

SEO (short for search engine optimization) is a low-cost method of attracting more clients to your firm’s website via search engines.

Whether it’s to answer their questions, or simply appear as the best firm that could represent them, law firm SEO is a valid marketing choice for lead generation and acquiring new family law clients. Additionally, local SEO is one of the best low-cost methods of acquiring a new client. Once you set up your campaign right, you’ll be getting a lot of organic traffic to your family law website.

  1. Find the right keywords and topics
  2. Create amazing content that converts lurkers into clients
  3. Optimize your website to rank highly in the search engines
  4. Appear in local searches and maximize your conversion rate
  5. Attract backlinks that help you reach the top spot on search engines
  6. Leverage the EAT score to improve your reputation and get more clients than your competitors

Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Family Law Marketing

Google Ads, also known as Google pay-per-click advertising, is a method of placing ads for your legal practice on search engine results pages. You will only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

A PPC campaign operates similarly to SEO. You target the right keywords, and your ads are only displayed to people actively looking for them. You’re reaching your target audience, who are people who know they need a family law attorney or a family lawyer and have started looking for the best professional for their case.

  1. Use Google Ads to acquire clients immediately
  2. Set up the right keywords and targeting for your ads
  3. Craft compelling ad copy using best practices
  4. Create landing pages that convert
  5. Reach a prospective client who didn’t schedule a consultation

Email Marketing for Family Law Marketing

Sometimes your prospects need more time to make a decision. Divorces, custody, and other areas covered by family law are sensitive. And by using email marketing, you can steer your prospects towards making the (right) decision: hiring you.

  1. Turn an ideal client into a paying client with email marketing
  2. Capture email addresses
  3. Segment email lists to acquire even more clients
  4. Set up drip campaigns
  5. Use the right tools

Social Media for Family Law Marketing

When your potential clients see your ads or your materials somewhere else, they’ll likely look you up on websites like Facebook and LinkedIn. By using a social networking site with an effective social media strategy, marketers can develop a better sense of brand loyalty and connect with their target audience.

  1. Use a social media site as a family law firm
  2. Communicate with your (potential) clients through a social media platform
  3. Get more clients by combining a Google Ad with a Facebook ad

Phone Intake for Family Law Marketing

Plenty of law firms do everything right. They select the right keywords, optimize their advertising campaigns, publish incredibly valuable articles, use video testimonials to generate interest, and yet they don’t get as many clients as they should have.

  1. Win over clients by phone
  2. Avoid common mistakes that could cost you a potential client
  3. Improve your law firm’s customer relationship management practices

Let us help you develop a law firm marketing strategy for your family law practice. With the help of content marketing and a successful marketing campaign, we can increase your family law marketing efforts.