The Top 5 Family Law Marketing Strategies of Successful Law Firms – A 5 Part Series

Last Updated on June 14, 2021 by Amy Geldean

In this guide, we’re going to show you the most important family law marketing strategies. From paid advertising to free methods, read on to find out how to acquire more satisfied clients.

These days, people to turn to the internet for everything. Family law included.

Sometimes it’s to understand complicated legal processes. And in a growing amount of cases, your potential clients use the internet to find a family law attorney they can trust.

You and your law firm can’t avoid digital marketing if you want to attract new clients.

Table of Contents

1. Search Engine Optimization for Family Law Firms
            a. Why It Works
            b. Keywords and Topics
            c. Content
            d. Links
            e. Technical SEO
            f. EAT
            g. Local SEO

2. Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Family Law Marketing
            a. Why It Works
            b. Keywords
            c. Ad Copy
            d. Landing Page Design
            e. Branded Campaigns
            f. Retargeting
            g. Budgeting

3. Email Marketing for Family Law Firms
            a. Why It Works
            b. Capturing Email Addresses
            c. Email List Segmentation
            d. Drip Campaigns

4. Is Social Media a Viable Family Law Marketing Strategy?
            a. Providing Social Proof
            b. Retargeting

5. The Golden Rules of Phone Intake
            a. Why Phone Intake Matters
            b. Phone Intake Best Practices