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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website's visibility of your website in a search engine's unpaid (organic) search results.  A sound SEO strategy is an investment in the future.  While paid search gets immediate results, the second the ad spend stops the results stop. In contrast, efforts made in SEO continue to bear fruit long into the future.

A solid SEO strategy must be part of every company's marketing plan. Through on-page optimization, proper site indexing, and off-site authority building, Nimbletoad achieves high rankings for its customers that lead to more website visits and online sales.

The Components of Winning SEO Strategy

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of analyzing relevant search data to understand the most appropriate keywords for your business.  These keywords are search terms that your ideal clients are typing in every day to research trips to your region or discover new wineries and craft beverages.  A solid keyword strategy will help your website rank highly for terms that matter most to your business.

Quality Content

A system to continually update your site with quality, relevant content is important for two reasons.  One, a steady stream of content that is optimized for your chosen keywords creates authority in search engines by providing more opportunities to index.  Second, relevant content creates engaged website visitors. The more time they spend on your winery website, the more will Google perceive it as a highly valuable resource.

Business Listings

Having consistent and accurate name, address, and phone number (NAP) information across the web helps build search engine's trust which results in being rewarded in the search engine's results page.  It is vital to have a system in place that keeps all this information consistent across all local listing. If your hours change or there is an emergency closing, you want to make sure all websites display the same information.

Page Structure

Solid organic rankings start with building a proper foundation. Every web page on your site should follow best practices for page titles, headers, web page structure, meta descriptions, and alt text.  High value pages should be enhanced with featured snippets such as a FAQ section, lists, and relevant tables. Search engines are now displaying these snippets along with links to give users immediate answers.

Website Framework

One the proper SEO framework is in place, technical SEO ensures that your website rankings continue to increase. Factors include on-site errors, canonicalization, correction of duplicate content, proper sitemap creation, and schema markup. Routine audits ensure that errors and warning are quickly resolved before they can harm organic results.

Authority Link Building

Active link building from other websites trusted by search engines helps build authority and trustworthiness. The rational is easy to understand.  If all these respected sites link to your websites content, then it must have value.   An active and passive link building strategy is a critical component used to increase overall organic rankings.

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