Which Is Better, SEO, or PPC?

One study indicates that SEO results in 20X more traffic that PPC, but, again, what’s best will be determined by your unique business situation.

Oftentimes, SEO and PPC are most effective when aligned with one another.

PPC stands for pay-per-click and is the practice of buying visitors for your site rather than trying to use SEO tactics to attract them naturally.

The ads you see on Google’s SERP are marked as such and are an example of PPC. They appear above organic results influenced by SEO alone.

In the example below, customink.com is using PPC and was able to beat out over 9 trillion other results. Not bad.


SEO, when properly leveraged, pays dividends over time. If your business generates a valuable piece of content that has been optimized for SEO, traffic can gradually build over time.

PPC, however, requires continuous funding to increase the flow of traffic to your site.